Hi There!

So I’m sure many are wondering what this site is all about and how it all got started? Let me introduce myself…I’m Katie Moore. I’m an artist, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Store owner, Jewelry Creator and a Lover of All things Creative as well as being a mom of 3 with one on the way.

Anyhow, I’ve over the past year discovered the world of Vinyl…in which I purchased my very first Silhouette Cameo and fell in love as many of the Vinyl Community happen to do and almost get obsessed over the wonderful opportunities that Vinyl can bring to our creative minds. It’s here I started joining several vinyl related Facebook Groups and found it overwhelming with the amount of people that shared their time and designs for FREE! Which I btw love but also know myself first hand how much time and work it takes creating something unique and special. Another thing I found interesting where the amount of people selling on FB through posts and seller taking the time to send invoices and message each person through made comments..I don’t know about you but how do you keep track of this all…I would find this overwhelming to me to have to go through that kind of process. Especially knowing the availability to being able to take orders online is possible especially in my web design world. So being a web developer for over half my life decided I could find a solution to this knowing very well not everyone is a web designer…which is where www.TheVinylCut.com was born.

I also realize there are already existing sites that do this exact thing however, the idea of opening an Etsy shop to sell graphics for only a couple of dollars seemed outrageous…knowing the fees involved with both Etsy and PayPal, which are both required to make payment and selling online possible, not to mention other similar vendor online craft sites that may charge more. So I thought what if I could only have vendors and sellers only have to pay for the PayPal fees as one would do selling while selling on FB but now removing that unorganized element of chaos of order taking but making all transactions organized and complete through their own online shop…so I brainstormed and thought to create this community site you’ve now stumbled across.

Not only that but I came across horror stories of people selling through their FB page, taking orders and to never getting paid. How terrible for the vendor to waste time and materials to then not get paid especially for larger custom orders that can’t be resold.  This site will elimate that all together by taking the order and payment immediately together then giving them the opportunity to share their product listing page on FB pages and groups and all social media sites.

So you see this site is with the designer, crafter and artist enthusiasts in mind…This site is dedicated for you!

I’m getting a lot of questionable guarded questions of my intentions…and where the underline catch is to this FREE website service…there simply is none. I’m doing this because I saw a problem and developed a solution for it. Or so I hope I have. It’s really honestly as simple as that. I have devoted a lot of my own resources to making this happen with time and money but happy to do so knowing it could help so many out! I too know I will have the same opportunity to make money by selling my own designs so to me it all works out in the end.

That’s it…that’s my story and what this site is all about…to help you the vinyl crafter be able to sell easily and safely online. Nothing more and nothing less. I do hope that this site also inspires you with useful information and tips along the way as I’ll be sharing my finds on the community blog. I also have implemented a community forum for all sorts of vinyl related questions to be posted on.

I think this has been a wonderful start to what I think will be a beautiful community of Vinyl Enthusiast. Please feel free to share any and all feedback with me. Look forward to seeing you share and sell your items with the rest of the vinyl world.

Enjoy & and always Stay INSPIRED!

Katie 🙂