I know I’m not the only mother that is thinking…It’s back to school ALREADY? Where did our summer go? How is this possible? Well the fact is it’s here and there are soooo many projects you could be getting underway for your kiddos to get ready to get back to school with. Why not utilize our cutters to make items extra special. So I thought I’d spend some time getting inspired by some back to school creations to share with the rest of you all. This list is a mixture of existing shop that sell these items and freebie files…So take note this is only to inspire you to create for your own use.

I have plans to doing this myself…Such a great opportunity to use vinyl on plastic!

Found On Etsy


Yep you can count that this is already on my todo list…which might happen today even. I had all these things in mind when Buying school supplies…hard plastic and flat surfaces. lol.

Duet Designs Found on Etsy

 Here’s an HTV Idea for instances there is fabric.

Personalized lunch Box

This blog has some cute ideas for back to school printables. Which to us that have a cutter print and excuse to use our machine. 😉

Our Thrifty Ideas Blog


So Adorable and fun for these Binders and Folders to be made over by Vinyl! Seriously…be plain and boring no more!

Eighteen25 Blog


Yes Free and soooo Tots Cute. Hahaha…I’ve never talked like that but it seems to fit here. These are so adorable and free. Although no vinyl is needed I think I still would with gold monogram vinyl…Yes I would.

Jessica Marie Designs


For those that have boys here’s a cute idea:

Keeping it Simple Crafts


Cut Paper Cuts design by Debra Vine.

Ilda  really uses the perfect paper for her super cute High Top Sneaker from BACK TO THE BOOKS SVG KIT.  Wouldn't this look fabulous sitting on the teacher's desk or your child's desk giving inspiration with the saying "School is Cool" that Ilda added!   Change out the paper for any theme you like!

Debra Vine Creation

 This tutorial isn’t made specifically with Vinyl in mind but it very easily could!

Back To School Calendars

Back To School Calendars


Way to be creative in having kids dream site words! I think this would be cute with an alphabet.

Back to School Pillow

Pillow site words


What school year isn’t complete without the use of some Great Chalkboard Fonts!

Fun Free Chalk Board Fonts

Fun Free Chalk Board Fonts


Speaking of Fonts here is a list of Free School Themed Fonts:


Ella Claire Inspired List of Back to School Free Fonts


So you have the fun Fonts now what to do with them. Lets try Gell Pens with the use of our cutter! Yes another area I have yet to try

Custom Adjustable Pen Holder

Custom Adjustable Pen Holder



Of course shirts! I have yet to buy HTV. Ahhh some day I’ll get into this too. Just too many other things I can be creating with what I already have. 😉

Etsy Listing for Karmens Closet

Etsy Listing for Karmens Closet


Teacher Back to School Gift…ps…I’m pretty sure she high jacked my site name…HEART TURQUOISE ANYTHING!!!

Back-to-School Teacher Treat Jars

Teacher Treats by The Turquoise Home’

Here’s another great Back to School Teacher Gift:

Free teacher printable

Free teacher printable

Again…not completely vinyl related…but it could be! I need this for sure with my second grader!

Free Back to School Printable

Free Back to School Printable

I know I’m going to be all over this…creating my own labels being I’m in the midst of being sticker obsessed.

Sticker Labels

Sticker Labels


Here are some cute Free Printable Back to School Graphics that could easily be used to make Stickers or Labels with.

Two Magical Moms Free Back To School Clip Art and Papers

Back To School DIY Notebook Covers. Yes Please I’ll take some more of these. The first one is a Silhouette Cameo tutorial. It’s a mixture of cutting and using glitter pens. Oh My! I’m seeing me finally breaking out my pens soon!

Cute Cute Cute DIY Back To School Notebook Covers

Cute Cute Cute DIY Back To School Notebook Covers

Here’s another area I have yet to embark on with my Silhouette Cameo…the art of Fabric Cutting. These though are super cute and would be a great starter project. This is only linked to a pin being the link wasn’t available.

Could be done with out the silhouette...but hey why not...If your making a bunch of them do it all at once. ;)

Fabric book Markers


If this list wasn’t enough to inspire you to do something with your vinyl and vinyl cutter then here’s another list as a Back to School Silhouette Challenge of 18 Projects!


Here is a The Vinyl Cut Freebie for the month of August in celebration of the new school year. I hope you enjoy it while it remains free for this month!


Learn From Yesterday Quote Apple Design

That’s all I have for now! I’m sure I’ll be adding more as time progresses…even some of my own?! As always your are welcome to share ones you love below in the comments or share your own creations. Hope you all have a blessed day and Stay Inspired!