I know July seems far to soon to be speaking of dare I say Christmas but I thought what better time is there than the present to get started on a list of inspiration to get into the holiday Christmas creative groove.

I know on some of my feeds I’m already seeing these pop up for group buys and questions of where to get these ornaments. I came across these super cute ones that were made up with a tutorial of how they were done.

glitter glass ornaments

You can find the tutorial here.


Here’s the famous Santa Cookie Plate. After seeing this for the first time last year I know it’s a must create for my todo list for this year:

Santa Cookie PlateClick Here to view this wonderful Tutorial


Cute Cute Signs – If you know me I love distressed wood anything especially signs.

Let It snow

This I found from the creators blog found here.
Here Shop Can be Found here which I find to be extremely inspiring.

 Ohhh I Adore these DIY wood ornaments. You know you do too!

Find the complete tutorial here. 


Seriously who doesn’t appreciate a great knock off! Especially one that looks this good!

Find this Great find here.

Ummm Of Course Personalized Santa Sacks!

Santa Sacks
This amazing photo comes from an even more amazing blog that provides a complete tutorial to create your own bags just like this one with the silhouette file to download! Hello Must go there now! Did I mention it’s FREE! Why are you still here?

Ok you knew a deer head was bound to appear…That’s a given!

Deer Head Christmas Silhouette 
This is another lovely detailed tutorial from start to finish. Although I think I would pass on the sequence and do rhinestones myself.

Ohhh another great knock off!

Santa's Sleigh Vinyl Pillow
Link to this must have DIY Ho Ho Ho Pil-Ho. 😉

There’s even a place for chalkboard paint!

Chalkboard paint Christmas blocks
Here’s the tut on these fab lil creations.

Ohhhh So Sweet PJ’s! Or as my son would call the Gee-Bays!  

Christmas Pjs

Full Tutorial Found Here.

Great for gifting…it’s is the season of giving.

You can find the tutorial here.

Here’s more gift tag ideas

Gift tags
Links to America Blog page.


I wonder how hard this would be to do with Paper towel and toilet Paper roll to cut out from….

Christmas Tree
Find this tutorial here.


Too Cute to Boot. Such a creative idea.

You can find this item for sale here.

 White Christmas Paper Scene
White Christmas Winter Scene
Click here for details.


Ok and here one with a Pallet as a Tree…Have I covered all the must use DIY Basics?
Pallet Christmas Tree

This one comes with all the deets to this tree Tutorial.

A must have for our home a nativity scene.

Nativity Scene.
Click here for the image source and creator.

Here’s another great options and something for the door!

Nativity Scene
Click here for the tutorial


These are absolutely Adobs!

Jingle All the way

Let It snow shadow Christmas Box

Click here for the complete tutorial and even more inspire shadow box ideas!


Here’s their Pinterest board of all their Christmas Designs: