Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you this awesome resource of information that I stumbled across one of my FB Group Feeds. I have to say she goes over some really great Vinyl Business Topics! I’ve already been in touch with her to see if it was okay to share her site with everyone here. I’m sure some of you have come across it yourself. It has some really helpful information and insight as to what you need to know with starting a Vinyl Business. 

When you get some free time check it out here. I’ll be also linking the blog form our site being that I thinks it’s a great resource for anyone opening a shop online an selling their items.

Cutting For Business


PS…I know some of you might be noticing random ad placement. I only have them on the Blog and site-wide shop page. I will never have them on your personal shop pages or listing pages. For now they are google ads but once traffic is up I’ll be changing it to PayPer Click Vendor ads from only our vendors. I honestly am not a big fan of them but I will let you know I’m doing what I can to keep this service for free and that is my full intent. Happy to do so. 🙂

As always Stay Inspired!