What is the catch? Is this really Free & WHY IS IT FREE?

I know there isn’t much in life that is free and in this case I’ve actually spent a LOT my TIME and MONEY creating this site. WHY would I and what’s the catch to this being free you may ask?

Web developing is my passion as is art and crafting. All things I’ve done for most of my life so when I saw a need for the Vinyl Community to be able to sell simply and easily without getting charged crazy fees for already small transactions…I figured I had the ability to change that for the vinyl community. I understand the need greatly with my background and also know the ouch of commission based sites like Etsy. Which I find reasonable for larger priced items but when a transaction is only a couple of dollars and you’ve put a LOT of effort into something it seems to be a bit much.

I also love that this vinyl community are big on sharing files for free…which this site also creates a great place to be able to do that but for the efforts and time involved to create certain designs why not get something for your creativity? Buy paying a little something…It’s a way to show an artist appreciation for their time…the idea for the site is really that simple.

I myself will have free files to share here and also some that I’ll be selling. It’s one way you can contribute back to me for all the work and money I’ve put into this space. But not necessary. I have ideas to provide extra small services possibly for advertising opportunities or design services for logo and banner work. I say Possibly only if I see there is a need for it.

Again there is absolutely no catch…I saw a need and felt I could do something about it is all. I hope that this site does become a helpful resource for the vinyl enthusiast and works out to be as simple and easy to use, as it’s designed to be.

So it’s clear…this site is absolutely FREE to use…the only expense you will occur is when you make a sell the fee that is associated with PayPal transactions fees that is automatically deducted.

What am allowed to sell here?

Anything Vinyl Related…Specifically but not limited to:

  • Vinyl Designs & Graphics (currently only SVG, DXF, AI, PSD Files are allowed) If you need other options let me know and I’ll look into adding it.
  • Vinyl Products Such as and not limited to: Vinyl Sheets/rolls, Transfer tape, Machines, Tools, Rhinestones, Blanks
  • Group Buy In for any vinyl products and blanks
  • De-Stash Items Any and all Vinyl Related Products
  • Tutorials – Video and PDF’s. I know how much time it takes to edit and create these so why not get something for your time and efforts
  • Services – Any design services related to running a vinyl business or for graphic and design creation or editing

Any questions if something is allowed do not hesitate with contacting me first. Please note that I have the right to take down any products that do not follow our guidelines and will be taken down without notice. Continuation for violating our terms will cause perminate termination of your account use.


What are PayPal Fees and how does Payment work?

All payment transactions are done through PayPal so you must have a valid working PayPal account set up in order for you to be able to open up a shop and to get paid for all sales automatically. Otherwise you will not be able to receive payment. PayPal is what the majority of all current vendors use to sell and buy with. As far as the buyer is concerned they do not have a PayPal accounts to make purchases…anyone can pay using any major debit or credit card without the need of opening an account with PayPal. Only VENDORS need an Account to accept payments. PayPal makes all transactions safe and secure so that no member involved is able to access any critical payment information.

Do note their transaction fee starting at .30 cents plus an additional to a .29% for every total sale and it’s automatically deducted at time of transaction.

Keep in mind as a vendor you want to price your items accordingly. There is a PayPal Fee App that allows you to punch in the rate of what you want to keep and the PayPal calculator will then give you the total you want to charge your item at. For example if you have an item selling for only $1 your transaction fee will be .34 cents so you’ll want to sell your work at $1.34 to receive a full dollar amount. 

Please go to www.PayPal.com in regards to any other questions you may have with their services.

How does Shipping Work?

The current software/plugin doesn’t have shipping options available per vendor as of right now however I do know this is in the works for the very near future!!! Yay! I will let you know as soon as it’s in working order. In the meantime you will have to adjust your prices accordingly. There is also way to add attribute options to allow shoppers to add shipping for domestic or international rates at a set price. You can view a video on how to set this up on our how to set up shop page.

Copyrights Issues

I absolutely do not allow Copyright Issues. As much as it will be easier for me to stay on top of this at the start it will I know be harder for me to keep on top of for down the road so I hope that these types of issues are brought to my attention when ever noticed to be a conflict. Again items that are not allowed can be taken down without notice although I will most likely send some sort of notification. For now I have the site to automatically allow any products to be published however this may change if I’m seeing this be a large problem where I have to review any and all products myself to be approved ahead of time.

Will I Ever Be Charged in the Future for these Services?

No…I plan on making this completely free for all. I will do what I can to compensate for the time being spent creating and supporting this site in other means but I feel very strongly in making this a free service for all of the Vinyl Community. It was the purpose and idea behind it’s creation to begin with.

 Do I need Sales Tax?

It is my understanding as long as you are in business that doesn’t have a building or a physical space taxes are not required. To read more on this go here:


So for now I do not have tax options configured for shops. If I find out more that this is required I will definitely work on getting it implemented or work out something to resolve this. For now it’s left as something that isn’t needed.

What if I don’t see a category my product belongs under?

I currently have a category for MISC Items so you can set your items there for the meantime. You can then contact me directly by the website contact form page or through the Support Form Page for Category Suggestions. If approved I’ll let you know and you’ll be able to add it at that point. 

Found An Issue with the site or Some Errors?

Please do not hesitate letting me know. I’m all for getting this site up and running to it’s full potential and making this site ideal for all vendors to use. If there’s a feature or request…don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll do my best to reasonable do what I can to make it happen. But do note this is something I’m doing for free and out of my own time so things may not come-by so quickly always but again it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Refund Policies and Customer Service

All complete transactions are between the Vendor and Buyer. I have nothing to do with these type of transactions. I am only providing the service to be able to sell and make this transactions possible through a third party utilizing PayPal. I at no point take any sort of payment or interfere with the transaction or customer service. I will in cases if needed intervene by removing a vendor completely if they happen to not be valid and legit seller and do not follow our policies. Other than that any sort of dispute must be handled directly with Vendor and or PayPal only. I have nothing to do with the transaction other than making it possible.