Simplifying Vinyl Related Group Buy-In!!!!

Ok…I’ve come across dozens of vinyl related group buy FB Groups and let me tell you I find them to be incredibly overwhelming. Is it just me or does it seems like a lot of extra work involved to getting all orders in? The idea of having to make a post to allow a possible buyer post their PayPal email to then have to send out invoices for payment or have people send you money order all the while being mixed with people that are possibly interested and pending to pay, all to be sorted somehow and keep track of…to be honest I’m not sure how it’s done successfully…I most definitely give props to the person having to work all those kind of details out and are able to! It could be just me and the fact I may not understand the process well enough but it seems like a lot of extra running around and effort to have to have to try to keep it all organized. Please do not feel offended by this if you find this to be a great way to do business, I am by no way trying to offend you…I just think there could be an easier way to go about this.

With that being said…

I have to suggest the possibly trying The Vinyl Cut Website…of being able to open your own Storefront. Here people can place orders of a certain product or buy in just as they would make a purchase with any other online store. People are allowed to order as many items as they’d like that are available (being that you can set any product listing with a limited supply amount for when it applies).

The buyer is required to provide all details when placing the order online through our site that the seller will receive notification of through email and or online. All  sells are also complete and immediate through the use of PayPal, allowing you to get paid immediately when orders are completed!

All the while being able to do this for FREE!!! (minus what PayPal charges you of course.)

It’s giving you the power and benefits as you would have by selling on sites like Etsy or other craft vendor sites  but only with the idea that this is for Vinyl Crafters and Buyer community and the fact our services are ABSOLUTELY FREE TO USE! Honest, there is no Catch to this! Opening a shop to sell vinyl products is simple and completely free to use!!!!

Another thing to consider…

All product group buy listings, once created can then have the direct link that can easily be copied and pasted to your Facebook Group Buy-In Page or any other social media site you choose. Simply create an account, create a product buy in listing and Viola you can start taking orders immediately. You will then receive email notifications of all complete transactions along with all customer details you need. You can also track orders through your email account by being able to print out your invoices or by logging into your account to view order online l through your vendor dashboard. 

Honestly there is no gimmick or catch to using this site at no cost to you…it is absolutely free. You can check out my about page if you’d like to know more behind the story of the development of this site or to discover more as to why this is free found here.

Otherwise you are welcome to see more details here, on how to open your own vinyl related shop and discovering how easy and simple it can be to do. Know this site isn’t only for the group buy in but for all vinyl crafter that create and want to sell vinyl related products, designs or services.

If you still have questions feel free to contact me directly…do not hesitate to ask anything. I’d be happy to get back to you just as soon as I can. Thanks for your consideration! Happy Successful Selling!

Katie 🙂