tutorialsHow to Access Profile Setting To Edit Vendor Profile Image (200×200)


 What you need to open a store to get start:

1. A valid Email for customers to contact you by and to setup your Shop Account with.

2. A Valid PayPal Account to get paid safely and securely and automatically. (can be different or the same as your user email as long as it’s linked to your PayPal account.)

3. Shop details. Explain who you are and what you love to sell. There are 3 different areas you’ll be placing in some details in regards to your shop that will show on your shop page, each of your product pages and your contact page. The information can be the same or different in each area.

4. 2 Different sized images. Shop Banner (1170×239) and Shop Profile Image (200×200). It’s ok if these images are exact it is set to crop images automatically but if you want everything to show up going with these sizes is ideal.

5. Products to sell…images and information. Currently for digital items we only except SVG files…I will let you know when this will be changed. The site also doesn’t doesn’t have shipping setup for individual vendors as of now. This will be updated in the future and available. For now if you have physical products that require shipping please add it into the price or add it to the attributes option. Which I will go into further detail on how to do this in a bit.

That’s IT!!!! You’ll be up and running in no time! Happy Selling!!!!

As I said video tutorials on how to create and account and login and how to setup products are below. Please note the process is slightly different for adding a digital and physical product as you will see in the videos. Important for digital that you have virtual and digital selected.  Of course let me know if you have any questions along the way. Enjoy!



I’ve created a video tutorial on how to login to create and edit your storefront and shop profile. Bare with me…this my very first video tutorial so it’s not the best but I hope it’s helpful in going through all details of getting you started. I know it’s a bit winded…I have a tendency to ramble…so sorry for that!

How to Create and Set Up a Shop Account:



How to Create and Add a Product to your Shop:

Here is a quick run through of how to create a basic product listing.

Other great features and things to know when creating a product listing.

How to Create a Copy of An Existing Product.




How To Edit your Profile Icon that shows up on the Vendor Directory Page and your Contact Form Page.




Here is a video tutorial on how to create a Digital product:



How to add Attributes and Variations for Products

You will want to watch this one if you are wanting to add options easily for any type of physical products for your customers to choose from while purchasing. Such as Colors, Sizes, Input Text fields, Upload Image, Donation/Custom Amount payment, Checkbox and Radio Select Options and Drop Down. Learn how to add them easily to any and all your product listings!


This below option allows you to add  variations and product features as well…however there are more steps involved and a bit more complex. I suggest using for instances when there are variations  needed for a product that would have limited quantities for each option. Which by using this method you are able to set different inventory settings for each. Also you can upload different settings for several different file options for a downloadable product. If your product does not need these extra features, I highly suggest using the more simplified method above for add on options for products. The above is much simpler and quicker to use.




How to Access to Edit Profile Page and Upload Vendor/Shop Profile Image


NEW! You can no access this link from the main account drop down menu!




If there are any questions that are not covered in the above video tutorials or an area I do not make something clear, do not hesitate in contacting me on here through the contact from…by posting on our forum support page or on our Facebook Group page or by PMing me on FB. Hope these are helpful and get you up in running in no time!

As Always Stay Inspired!