Good Morning All! Ok More Updating On the Site but just excited to share what’s going on here!

So the fronted is starting to get pieces together already. I get obsessive when I get my hands on something new and shinny and literally jump all in and go for it. Learning new things is a buzz for me. With that being said, I’m a lot further along than what I thought I would be for only working on the site for a couple of days. That isn’t to say there isn’t still a LOT to be done before completion but wanted to share with you some of what the overall pages will look like…EEEK exciting to think of the possibilities of this site! 🙂

Here are some of the sites pages and features….


For starters here is the example of my shop page…your once set up would look a lot like this as well only with your customer banner, profile picture, information and products…my products are only dummy data for now…but you can see how clean and simple it looks which is one reason why I went with this template. Notice there is a form where potential customers can contact you from as well!



Now for a Digital Product Listing you can see all the details of the product on the right side just as it is in the shop profile page. There you see the purchase button that turn into a checkout button when selected. All digital information. More images and product details under the main Image photo and all the share icons you’ll need. Below is where customer can make reviews if they have made a purchase from you and you can see your profile icon to the right bottom to indicate and link back to your main shop page.


To become a vendor to set up shop is very easy to do. Simply go to the Become a Vendor link and fill out the form. Note you should have an email that is linked to a working PayPal Account to be able to automatically receive payments…this makes it not only automatic but safe.


Once sent it will automatically take you to the vendor dashboard where you can set up your user profile and shop page details and images. You’ll also be able to easily add products but when submitted is not set to automatically go life and must be approved. For now being that this site is not ready to go live, I will not be approving any listings to go live and all listings created prior to opening to go live will be deleted because I am still in test mode. You can at least set up profiles but listing product is not available until opening day. But you can at least play around with the function of what it would be to create.

Note you will also be able to view your sales orders here, view and edit all your listed products, see your earnings, edit your profile and see the simple link to your store…you store link will be set up to look like this: – so make sure you choose your username wisely when you sign up.


That’s really all I have for now. I’ll be focusing on setting up the details on the backend making sure the function is working properly however today I need to refocus my energy elsewhere to my other businesses that are in the process of being opened up…my retail shop and websites for that business. I’m excited to share this with you as I hope you’re excited to be utilizing this to be a way to sell and share online in the near future.

As always thank you for your support…let me know what you think so far and stay inspired!

Katie 🙂