Sell your vinyl products to our growing community of customers.

You can be up and selling in minutes!

All Vendors have the ability to sell any vinyl digital, physical goods and or services. This site was specifically designed for the vinyl crafter,
artist and shopper looking for specialty vinyl crafted made goods.


(Only PayPal Fees apply. Standard rates start at .30 & 2.5% per transaction.)
We Charge you absolutely NOTHING to open and Maintain a shop.

How Does This Work?

Why Do You Not Charge Any Fees?

Other than PayPal fees there are no additional charges. Why? The idea behind this site is to help benefit those wanting to open shop for the growing Vinyl Community. I will also be selling items online here along side the rest of you in order to try to compensate for my time and money I’ve invested into this site. So you can support me by purchasing my designs if you so choose. I also have some advertising and eventually affiliate links. However,  the primary idea is help those wanting to utilize these free services without abusing them of course. It’s a great alternative to other well known Multi-Vendor Craft sites that charge for their services. As time proceeds I do have plans to advertise our website and group to help promote more business to you for free!

How simple is it to set up shop?

I believe it’s incredibly easy…create your account by filling in registration details of a user name emails and password and instantly be taken to your Vendor Dashboard. From there fill out details for your shop and then click on Add Product and fill in the areas that apply as long as you agree to user terms and hit submit and you’re set. You don’t even have to wait for the item to get published it is published immediately! I also have several video tutorials to walk you through the entire process of creating a shop and adding your own products.

How Does it Work?

Just like other vendor shops you will have a storefront with all your avail for sale items. You can send your customers direct links to your products to purchase from here a person can select any and all items they want from your storefront and continue to checkout like any online store purchase. They will pay with any major credit or debit card or with a PayPal account and you will immediately receive their order via email and the customer will receive confirmation that their order was processed. You can then login to your account to review any an all orders or view them through your email account. It’s wonderful if you are currently having to invoice people for payment…here it’s all automatic, saving you a lot of time and headache.

Payment Schedule

Payment is Automatic to your PayPal account. This is why it’s important that you have a valid PayPal account that is working so that you can get paid immediately once a transaction goes through.


What you need to open a store and get start:

1. A valid Email for customers to contact you by and to setup your Shop Account with.

2. A Valid PayPal Account to get paid safely and securely and automatically.
It can be different or the same as your user email as long as it’s linked to your PayPal account.

3. Shop details. Explain who you are and what you love to sell.
There are 3 different areas you’ll be placing in some details in regards to your shop that will show on your shop page, each of your product pages and your contact page. The information can be the same or different in each area.

4. Two Different sized images.
Shop Banner (1170×239) and Shop Profile Image (200×200). It’s ok if these images are exact it is set to crop images automatically but if you want everything to show up going with these sizes is ideal.

5. Products to sell…images and information. 

That’s IT!!!! You’ll be up and running in no time all for Free! You will get paid immediately as soon as a sell is completed.
Happy Selling!!!!


General Rules

I’d like to keep this part simple as well…please overall be respectful of everyone here including me…remember I’m working for free here. 😉

  1. BE NICE! Be respectful of everyones work meaning you do not steal to turn around and resell for yourself. Please be original with your work…NO COPYRIGHT DESIGNS are allowed and will be deleted and banned. You will have a warning and from then banned from this site. I don’t like sounding so harsh but rules are rules and copyrights are serious and against the law to copy!
  2. Please do what you can to keep your listings clear with nice looking images. I try nice to keep this site well designed and hope that it’s appreciated but nice images make a world of difference overall…and it only helps you to sell!
  3. If you need support please be patient. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible but realize this is not my primary job being that I’m not getting paid and I do have a family of 3 with one on the way and a new business I need to run and work on getting launched so please be patient as I will do everything I can to get to anyone that needs help or has questions.
  4. BE NICE & RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS! That rule is the bases of all the rules here and so important that I’m posting it again. And really that’s it for now. I’m sure as this site progresses there will be more to develop but for the most part that is all that needs to go on here. I’m honestly here doing what I can to be as helpful to filling what I think is a much desired need…so I’m happy to be able to be part of the solution.


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View tutorials on how easy it is to open shop here.

 For More FAQ – You can find them here.