I spent most of yesterday and last night getting our new template and e-commerce software in order. I feel very strong about this new option for the site and feel it will be a good fit for the needs of all vinyl vendors and shoppers. Feel free when you have sometime to look over the site. Currently it’s filled with dummy shop items other than the 3 free items that my shop offers which happen to be free. I wanted to show you some main features to the site that I think you’ll be excited about.




Once you’ve created your account and logged in and started filling in your shop details such as your shop description and info along with profile image and shop banner you will instantly be added to our Vendor Directory Page:


*Notice if you don’t have an profile image uploaded right away the default image is what will be shown as it is with the Test Shop in gray.





 Here shoppers will be able to click on your profile and be directed to your storefront page that will look a lot like this:


A nice thing about your Vendor Store Pages will be very URL Friendly…meaning it will look something like this: 

I will be doing more to work on vendor’s shop pages as time permits. I plan on having your profile image shown to the right along with your biography. As you can see the shop banner image is darkened so that shop details will be placed and visible on top. If you have social media links the icon for them will appear once you have those details filled out.




Another nice feature is that your seller information will appear on every product listing page that is your item, when the “Seller Info” button is clicked:









This will also show two link buttons, one directing to your storefront page and the other to a contact form page where interested buys can contact you with any questions.



That’s all I have for the moment. I will be creating more posts on how to be able to login and edit and create your shop and vendor profiles. I will also have details on how to create and add products. I’m anxious for you all to be able to try it out to open your very own shops very soon!

Stay Inspired!

~Katie 🙂