Hi All & Welcome!

I promise not to make all these posts boring with site updates that you may or may not care about…most posts from here will be vinyl inspired and creatively themed but there will be my occasional updates to what’s going on with the site and what needs to yet be done. I want anyone who wants to be in the loop able to know what’s going on here and it can’t be mentioned enough how important your feedback is to me.

So as you can see this is our site! It’s officially up and running however there are still a million and one things to do before we see the finish line for this site. The design needs to be completely made over amongst over making sure the function of the site is in order before we are able to share with the rest of the world.

Every single page and function to this site need to be changed for this site to revolve around the needs of the Vinyl Community to be able to sell and promote all vinyl goods and services. Making the process as simple and hiccup free for all that utilize this site. Which I know is going to take some time.

I plan on keeping you updated as much as possible as I get things completed and again your feedback is crucial in making this the ideal site for all of you. So much so, I feel in a lot of ways I’m creating this site for all of you. 😉

So far investment wise I’ve spent yesterday getting everything purchased and installed which has gotten me to this point right now. To be honest this is the most I’ve spent (money-wise) on any website I’ve created right off the bat and I’ve created and developed several dozens of sites over the years.

There is also a learning curve to this being this is the first time working with a lot of these plugins and the WP platform. So far it’s not too bad though I just don’t like feeling like such a Newbie. I’ve come across some wonderful customer service so it helps make this new experience a lot smoother of a process to learn for me.

As far as functions goes I’ve posted to our Group Page a lot of the features I had in mind for this site and will be posting them here to refer back to. I’ll also have a main page as a add on check off list as I think of things and as ideas are given to me to add to the site and for trouble shooting along the way.

1. The shop area is focused on being able to sell SVG designs and digital graphics. As many of you are aware of the time and effort it takes to put a great looking design together. I think it’s wonderful there are so many of you willing to share those with others for free but why not charge a small amount for something that took you sometimes hours to create. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for free and sharing but there’s also a place to sell your work and here is a place to make that a simple thing to do! Personally I’m someone that doesn’t mind spending a dollar here or there knowing it’s for quality work.

2. Beyond the digital ability to sell…shop owners will also be able to sell physical good as well! Just as easily too. All payments are processed with PayPal accounts and will be automatic. Your orders are sent to you via email and also be viewed through your personal Store Account found through this site. You’ll also be able to create Domestic and International shipping fees for specific products if you choose to want to work with shipping.

3. There will be a wide range of categories to be able to sell items under. From Vinyl Products and supplies to even finished goods if you’d like to sell to your customers. The idea here is to enable the smaller in home businesses that sell on occasion to be able to easily set up a custom listing for their customer to get paid before the order has been made. I’ve heard too many horror stories of people not getting paid and loosing out on time and materials. This will now guarantee your payment ahead of time.

4. A group Forum will be created here to give you the ability to share ideas, issues and talk shop through the site’s forum. Also once it’s populated with information it will be a great resource to search existing topics that may have already been discussed and resolved. One nice feature to this ideas is the fact that you’ll be able to create one topic and then copy and paste to share it quickly and easily to as many sources you’d like…such as any and all FB groups that allow it.

5. This sharing ability continues on to your products you are selling making it even easier to sell online through all your social media sources.

6. Customers or potential customers will be able to contact you directly from your shop profile and or give public product reviews and feedback by being able to rate the items that have been purchased.

7. The Blog here will also be another great resource of information with posts on product reviews, inspiration, projects, ideas and all things vinyl.

8. There will also be an opportunity to eventually advertise once the traffic is there. Which with this being 100% vinyl focused would be an excellent source to choose advertising as an investment considering the site will be targeted for all Vinyl Crafters and Enthusiasts alike!

9. I will eventually have a directory of suppliers and helpful related websites.

10…this list will continue to grow! Again any feedback or response to any of the about is always welcomed and much appreciated! Thank you again for your time and support!

Know if you do end up browsing around the site everything has yet to be edited and lot of areas/pages are filled with dummy content so please bear with me as I get all areas filled in with appropriate content. I guess the reason to share with you all so early while being so incomplete, which I normally never do, is to get as much feedback as I can, to make this become as much your site as possible.

I appreciate everyone that is choosing to follow and now will be wrapping it up for today as I’ve spent most of my day and all day yesterday on this site already. Thank you all for your time and support. Any feedback with comments here or on our group page would be wonderful. Have a great rest of your day! 🙂