I am seeing several Facebook Group members asking about how others are storing their vinyl. This is actually a post that I wanted to create for a while now. So I figured it would be a great time to take the time to create a post to spark some ideas for people. It would also be wonderful for those that have come up with their own ways to share and post photos as well.

Below are several I’ve  come across through Pinterest and other blogs along the way. I have done my best to credit the links to the image however there are some where the original source was not found.


To start with is a blogger that has spent sometime sharing hers and other ideas she’s come across on her page found here. Simply click on the images to go to original source.

Here’s how she stores her scraps:

vinyl scraps storage


negative space vinyl scraps


Here if you’re a big IKEA Fan…there are some ideas you’ll need to save for the next time you make it out to one or if your ever so lucky to live close enough to one to make a trip over to one…these would be some must items to get.

A shelving unit to drool over…

Ikea Expedit Paper Holder Storage 8.5x11 12x12:

My new paper storage.  I bought an Ikea upper cabinet (size 15x39") base (item 443.832.10) for a shell for my storage solution.  Then, I went to the hardware store and bought two 1/8"x4'x8' panels.  I purchased the cheapest white panelling they had, though they sell slightly more expensive and slightly thicker bead board in the same section.  I had them cut each piece to 11 1/2"x13 3/8".  I was able to get 28 shelves out of one panel, which is exactly what was needed for this cabinet (I bought 2 cabinets to hold my paper.)  Using panelling serves two purposes.  1.  Price - it's a cheap material and can be cheaper if you don't mind brown, but I wanted white.  2.  It is thin, but sturdy.  Regular shelves are 3/4" thick each...that's space I could be using for paper!!   I built the cabinet, then attached casters (hardware store) to the bottom so I can easily shift it from my closet behind the doors to protect from dust and light to next to my work space.  Then, using pegs I bought at the hardware store (check Ikea's spare hardware section by returns for cheaper option, I didn't realize how pricey these little things would be at the hardware store), I mounted a peg in every...single...hole except the very top and very bottom and rested a shelf on each set of 4.  A tip from someone who's been there:  BEFORE constructing the cabinet, nail in all 112 pegs in the holes provided, THEN build the cabinet so you don't fight gravity and the tight space.  When stacked with paper, the shelves barely show, as the paper sticks out 1/2" in the front and the shelf is only 1 3/8 inch wider than each sheet.  I'll post a picture soon with it filled with my paper and explain how I organize it.

Ikea’s shoe storage turned to scrapbooking storage perfect for vinyl too!

Ikea's shoe storage turned to scrapbooking paper storage!!:

Ikea wine rack for $25.

Ikea Baskets hung up on a wall

Ikea’s paper storage bins:

paper storage:
Ikea plastic bag holder…apparently these things are only a couple of dollars each:

Ikea hack for some vinyl storage containers.  The top ones are $1.99 and for disposable grocery bags. The bottom one is a wall trash can for $3.99.:


Here are ways to store paper wrapping paper but I imagine these could easily convert to some vinyl rolls.

Finally! A way to keep your paper under wraps! *Pun definitely intended* :D:

Clever ideas: gift wrap storage on cupboard ceiling

clever ways to hide clutter 17

leopart and plaid


brooklyn limestone



Errr Me Gurd how cute are these….
the berry

two shades of pink


Storage Units to buy:

Classroom Keepers Construction Paper Storage, 12" x 18"

Harper Blvd Leal Black Wrapping Paper & Craft Storage Rack

My vinyl labeled/organized Cricut storage items. Used my Botanicals "Font" Cartridge.:

I got one of these to keep the loose lego pieces and I keep all the instruction books in the bottom drawer.  I love that each drawer is a close-able container instead of an open drawer.  http://www.joann.com/iris-scrapbooking-cart/7781636.html#q=iris+storage&start=1

Cropper Hopper Easy Access Paper Holder-Black at Joann.com

Scrapbook paper organization:

Rackitfile Wall Hanging File Folder System Scrapbook Paper Storage:

What a smart idea. Rackitfile.com - RACKITFILE is the world's first wall filing system.:

25 litre Really Useful Box with 10 12x12 inch suspension files

<div>Indulge your passion for paper, and keep it neat and organized in this handy file cube that...

Umbrella Crafts - 12 x 12 Stackable Paper Trays - No Lip - 10 Pack

This is a Vegetable rack but would be cute for vinyl:

Orchard Rack, 6 Drawer - this is brilliant. wish i had a cellar!


NEW 4 horizo56744ntal


Have no idea where this comes from…if it was custom made or purchased…but would be awesome for a lot of vinyl!

Rolled vinyl storage for the craft room. 1" x 4" frame backed with bead board, 7/16" dowel rods for hangers.  Holds 60 rolls of vinyl.:

This is cute using an old soda crate:

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!

Closet organizers work great for vinyl storage options.

sweater shelf turned paper storage

10 Ingenius Ways to Store Board Games | Money Saving Sisters

Vinyl organizers using clear hanging shoe organizers. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!:

one way to organize vinyl rolls:



DIY Options:


Cool paper storage:

Turn a simple wood crate into 8.5 x 11 scrapbook paper storage using hanging files and a little paint.

Crate for that darn wrapping paper. I think I can make it...:



DIY paper bin by Megan Hoeppner




I created a vinyl rack from a $4 flea market wine rack.:

PVC pipe glued to a piece of wood to store vinyl rolls:

Vinyl PVC Storage

Vinyl table!!!! from Karen Cobb‎ (FB) Silhouette CAMEO Project Inspiration:

I purchased this shoe storage unit from Lowes, added cardboard dividers & stored my rolled vinyl in it. Works great for vinyl storage!!:

.The first wrapping paper organizer I've thought made sense for those of us who don't have 50 rolls at a time.:

If you are lucky enough to be or have a carpenter:



DIY Vinyl Storage Crate

DIY Vinyl Storage Solution

Ok…and that about does it for me. I’m sure I’ll add to this post as I do with my others as I find more and more ideas to share. I hope that this inspires someone to get creative with how to store their vinyl!

Oh and of course there how I store my vinyl.


Have a wonderfully, inspired and creative day!

Katie 🙂